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CONTACT PERSON NAME: David Montford Linda Champion PHONE: (850) 488-5142 December 13, 2001 SUNCOM: 278-5142 DPBM: 02-53 MEMORANDUM TO: District School Superintendents FROM: Wayne V. Pierson SUBJECT: 2001-02 Florida Education Finance Program Third Calculation Attached is the third calculation of the 2001-02 Florida Education Finance Program (FEFP). This calculation incorporates changes made during Special Session C of the 2001 Florida Legislature, and 2001-02 FTE and supplemental information prepared from the summation of July and October survey data on the data base as of November 9, 2001, with estimates for the February and June surveys. The 2001 ad valorem tax roll certified by the Department of Revenue on November 15, 2001, was used in the calculation of required and discretionary local effort. The preliminary third calculation provided in DPBM 02-48 was used as the base for budget reductions made during Special Legislative Session C. In comparing the third calculation with the second calculation of the 2001-02 FEFP, the following summary-level changes are noted: 1. Unweighted FTE increased by 16,649.01 from 2,438,415.51 to 2,455,064.52. 2. Funded weighted FTE increased by 7,699.30 from 2,666,272.89 to 2,673,972.19. The Group 2 over-cap weighted FTE is 8,757.75; the under-cap total is 13,349.06. 3. FEFP Base Funding decreased by $281,736,673 from $9,108,541,992 to $8,826,805,319. This decrease is the result of a reduction in the Base Student Allocation of $114.70. 4. Declining Enrollment decreased $238,411 from $2,473,044 to $2,234,633. 5. The Hold Harmless Adjustment, which guarantees a 1.00 percent increase in funds per unweighted FTE for all districts, was repealed. 6. The Lab School Discretionary Contribution decreased $11,873 from $519,482 to $507,609. 7. The Discretionary Tax Equalization State Supplement decreased $52,073 from $ 2,252,186 to $2,200,113 due to eligible districts choosing not to levy the full supplemental discretionary millage. 8. Total Required Local Effort (RLE) increased $16,009,092 from $4,373,373,393 to $4,389,382,485. 9. The ESE Guaranteed Allocation was reduced $32,116,115 by legislative action from $955,836,750 to $923,720,635. 10. The Supplemental Academic Instruction Allocation was reduced $22,735,722 by legislative action from $676,658,381 to $653,922,659. 11. The Net State FEFP decreased by $353,024,818 from $6,479,383,301 to $6,126,358,483. 12. The estimated amount withheld for scholarship programs is $27,836,317. Distribution of FEFP and Discretionary Lottery Funds as a result of the revised allocations will begin with the December 26, 2001, electronic funds transfer. WVP:DGM:js Attachment cc: Finance Officers FTE Administrators
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