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Bureau of Educational Technology

Bureau of Educational Technology

The Florida Department of Education through its Bureau of Educational Technology works with districts and schools to help students access digital technology and to assist teachers with incorporating technology into the classroom. Technology integration in education promotes seamless use of digital tools in a specific discipline with the objective of promoting higher-order thinking skills. The following programs and tools help Florida’s school districts reach the goal of improving digital education and technology integration.

Digital Classroom Program (DCP) and Allocation 

A District Classroom Program was established to assist districts in their effort to develop a five-year digital classrooms plan with the purpose of establishing Florida Digital Classrooms. The Florida digital classroom allocation was established to assist districts, schools and charter schools with integrating technology in the classroom.These funds are used to ensure that students have access to high-quality devices, computer equipment and other instruction material that aid in their academic success. 

Technology Resources Inventory (TRI)

The Technology Resources Inventory (TRI) maintained by the Florida Center for Interactive Media (FCIM) is the mechanism used to measure and record technology inventory and infrastructure information. This tool helps provide districts and schools with the necessary data to effectively integrate technology into school curricula and instructional strategies.

Computer Based Testing (CBT) Certification

The Computer-Based Testing tool is used to certify readiness for computer-based assessments for each of Florida’s school districts.


Per the Federal Communications Commission's Modernization of the Schools and Libraries E-Rate program, dated August 19, 2014, and beginning with the 2015 E-Rate funding year, E-Rate technology plans requirements for applicants seeking E-Rate support for category two internal connection services, is eliminated.


To assist all stakeholders with understanding of digital learning and the current industry trends, helpful links to relevant information is provided.

Bureau of Educational Technology Archives

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