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State Board of Education Elevates Florida’s Nation-Leading Resiliency Education Standards

May 29, 2024

FDOE Press Office

State Board of Education Elevates Florida’s Nation-Leading Resiliency Education Standards

Miami, Fla., May 29, 2024 — Today, the State Board of Education adopted new course requirements for health and physical education, which incorporate Florida’s Resiliency Education Standards. First Lady Casey DeSantis has both initiated and championed resiliency education for Florida’s students and families, with her efforts leading to a first-in-the-nation approach to reframe mental health to help children become more resilient.

“The State Board’s adoption of new course requirements will provide teachers with a greater opportunity to help students build resiliency,” said Florida Commissioner of Education Manny Diaz, Jr. “As a former teacher and school leader, I know how important it is to help children develop resiliency, whether it’s to improve a grade, participate on a team, or recover from a natural disaster. Florida’s nation-leading Resiliency Education Standards are a testament to the First Lady’s vision and leadership.”

Adopting New Courses Containing Resiliency Education Standards

The State Board amended Rule 6A-1.09412, F.A.C., which establishes the essential content and course requirements for each course in Grades K-12 listed in the Course Code Directory. The rule amendment provides new course requirements for health and physical education to include Resiliency Education Standards that focus on character, personal responsibility, mentorship and citizenship, critical thinking and problem solving.

The amendment also updates health and physical education courses to include revised standards for the following topics:

  • Effects of Social Media
  • Substance Use and Abuse Prevention
  • Personal Health
  • Community and Environmental Health
  • Consumer Health

In April 2024, First Lady DeSantis debuted the Resiliency Florida website,, which includes resources for parents, students and educators dedicated to Resiliency Education. The First Lady also announced a first-in-the-nation opportunity for Florida parents and grandparents to be Resiliency Coaches at school and at home. Parents and grandparents serving as Resiliency Coaches will be eligible for a $150 stipend upon completion of a one-hour training and a volunteering practicum in schools. Resiliency Coach training will be available to parents and grandparents this summer with practicum hours beginning in the fall of 2024.

Building resiliency for Florida’s students and families is a top priority of the Florida Department of Education. Under the leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis and First Lady Casey DeSantis, Florida is ensuring that all students have the necessary resiliency skills and resources to cope with life’s successes and challenges.

To access Resiliency Florida materials, visit the new Resiliency Florida website at:

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