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Charter School Appeal
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Charter School Appeal Commission (CSAC) Members


In accordance with section 1002.33(6)(e)1., Florida Statutes, the CSAC is established to assist the Commissioner of Education and the State Board of Education with a fair and impartial review of appeals by applicants whose charter applications have been denied, whose charter contracts have not been reviewed, or whose charter contracts have been terminated by their sponsors.

The CSAC Members are appointed by the Commissioner. One-half of the members represent currently operating charter schools, and one-half of the members represent sponsors (school districts). The Commissioner or designee is the chair of the CSAC.


Commissioner’s Designee

  • Amanda Gay, FLDOE Assistant General Counsel

Charter School Representatives

  • Raphael Arza, Educational Consultant, Mountain Moving Strategies, Florida Charter School Alliance
  • Ashley Barber, Educational Consultant, AB Consulting Services, Florida Charter School Alliance
  • Osvaldo Garcia, Principal, Passport School, Inc.
  • Richard Moreno, Executive Director, Charter School Services Corporation

Sponsor Representatives

  • John- Anthony Boggess, Assistant Superintendent, Division of Choice amd Innovation, School District of Palm Beach County
  • Tiffanie Pauline, Assistant Superintendent, Miami-Dade County Public School District
  • Shana Rafalski, Executive Director, Educational Choices & Innovation, Osceola County Schools
  • Kia Sweeney-Scott, Senior Director, School Choice Services, Orange County Public Schools