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Division of Finance & Operations

Florida School Finance Officer Training (Updated March 15, 2017)

Introduction and Access

This training protocol includes:

  • Online training modules;
  • Face-to-face in-service training; and 
  • Professional mentoring.

If you have trouble accessing the files below, please contact the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Finance and Operations at 850-245-0406.

School Finance Officer Training Modules Menu

  1. Introduction (WMV, 10MB)
  2. State Budgeting (WMV, 86MB)
  3. District Budgeting (WMV, 128MB)
  4. Florida Education Finance Program (WMV, 273MB)
  5. Full-Time Equivalent (WMV, 100MB)
  6. Workforce (WMV, 169MB)
  7. Truth In Millage (TRIM)
    • ​​By clicking on the web address referenced, the user will access the Florida Department of Revenue’s web-based training for complying with the requirements in law for the annual process for levying property taxes for school purposes.
  8. School Choice (WMV, 180MB)
  9. Fixed Capital Outlay
    • Fixed Capital Outlay Transcript (RTF)
  10. Collective Bargaining (WMV, 153MB)
  11. Financial Reporting and Accountability (WMV, 180MB)