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Audit Resolution & Monitoring

Audit Resolution & Monitoring oversees the resolution of single audit findings and program fiscal audit findings for the department’s subrecipients of state and federal funds. This section also conducts evaluations, analyses, special studies, desks reviews, and on-site audits of the subrecipients. Our goal is to improve educational programs and performance at the local levels through better use of audits, monitoring and technical assistance.

Section Responsibilities

  • To serve as the central point within the department for information regarding the resolution of federal audit findings.
  • On an annual basis, capture all recipients/subrecipients of federal funds and state financial assistance and establish a monitoring plan.
  • Maintain the Audit Resolution Tracking System, which is a database for tracking the post-audit activity for all district school boards and other non-state entities that receive state financial assistance or federal funds.
  • Ensure that our recipients and subrecipients know of their responsibilities under the Federal and Florida Single Audit Acts.
  • Ensure that Single Audit reporting packages are received and reviewed timely in accordance with OMB Circular A-133 and Chapter 215.97, Florida Statutes.
  • Issue management decisions (i.e. program determinations) as to whether or not to sustain an auditor’s findings, along with ensuring that corrective action plans and audit recommendations are implemented.
  • As the central point within the department, assist program offices with State Project Determinations, CSFA number assignments, Compliance Supplements, and Vendor/Recipient Determinations.
  • Annually certify to the Department of Financial Services the department’s CSFA numbers.
  • Review contractual agreements for Single Audit requirements and provide assistance with making such determinations.
  • Assist contract managers in the development of contract monitoring plans.


Aimee Ashley
Sean Freeman
Jodi Sullivan

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Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400
Phone: 850-245-0420
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