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K-12 Student Assessment
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Private School Opportunities for Statewide Assessments


Any private school with at least one enrolled student receiving a Florida Tax Credit (FTC) Scholarship (section 1002.395(8)(b)2., F.S.), Hope Scholarship (section 1002.40(7)(b)2., F.S.), or Family Empowerment Scholarship (section 1002.394(9)(c)2., F.S.) may apply to the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) to administer Florida's statewide, standardized assessments (e.g., Florida Assessment of Student Thinking [FAST], Florida EOC assessments, Statewide Science Assessment) to all students at the private school. This program is one of many available options that private schools with students receiving these scholarships may use to fulfill the Annual Private School Assessment Requirement. For questions about fulfilling this requirement or the other assessments available, please contact the School Choice office.

In order to participate in this program, the private school must have at least one FTC Scholarship, Family Empowerment, or Hope Scholarship student enrolled at the time of application and during the eligible school year, and the school must abide by all state and district testing policies and procedures in order to participate. Private schools will be held to the same expectations as public schools. Some of the agreements required in the application are provided below:

  • The private school will adhere to the Test Security Policies and Procedures, as well as Florida Statutes and State Board of Education Rules governing test security.
  • The private school will follow all instructions in the test administration manuals for each assessment administration.
  • The private school will test participating students according to the schedule established by FDOE and the district.
  • The private school will ensure that all school assessment coordinators, technology coordinators, test administrators, and proctors receive adequate training prior to the test administration, and that all personnel sign and return a Test Administration and Security Agreement stating that they have read and agree to abide by all test administration and test security policies and procedures
  • The private school will have the required number of proctors as defined in the test administration manuals.
  • The private school will have testing rooms that are suitable for testing.
  • For computer-based assessments, the private school will have sufficient resources (e.g., computers, bandwidth, technical support) to participate. The district is not responsible for these resources.
  • The private school will state that it understands that testing improprieties result in student or classroom invalidations and/or the loss of teaching certification (if applicable).
  • The private school will agree to comply with any investigations by the school district, FDOE, and law enforcement.
  • The private school will designate a school assessment coordinator to participate in the district-level training, to train school-level staff, and to complete all other duties defined in the test administration manuals.
  • The private school will notify school personnel, parents, and students of its application to participate.


  • January - March 1: The application window is open for private schools to apply to FDOE.
  • July: Preliminary approval to participate is provided to private schools and their corresponding districts.
  • August: Final eligibility is confirmed once FTC, Hope, and Family Empowerment Scholarship student school assignments are complete.


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Application and Supporting Materials for 2024-25

The application and signature pages for all supporting materials must be completed and returned to the FDOE by March 1, 2022, per Sections 1002.394(8)(b)2., 1002.395(8)(b)2., and 1002.40(7)(b)2., F.S., to be eligible for the 2022-23 school year. Because this date is established in statute, no late submissions will be accepted.

See the Archive page for applications and supporting materials from past assessment years.

Other Supporting Documentation

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