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Educational Facilities
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Agreements for Shared Use of Educational Facilities

Section 1013.101, Florida Statutes, provides:

“The Legislature finds that greater public access to recreation and sports facilities is needed to reduce the impact of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases on personal health and health care expenditures. Public schools are equipped with taxpayer-funded indoor and outdoor recreation facilities that offer easily accessible opportunities for physical activity for residents of the community. The Legislature also finds that it is the policy of the state for district school boards to allow the shared use of school buildings and property by adopting policies allowing for shared use and implementing shared use agreements with local governmental entities and nonprofit organizations. The Legislature intends to increase the number of school districts that open their playground facilities to community use outside of school hours.”

Under section 1013.101(3), Florida Statutes, the Florida Department of Education (department), is required to make available an online database of existing shared use agreements. If you have difficulty accessing any of the files below, please call 850-245-9233.

The following agreements have been provided to the department by school districts throughout the state:

Type 1 Agreement: Allows public access to outdoor school facilities during non-school hours:

Type 2 Agreement: Allows public access to indoor and outdoor school facilities during non-school hours:

Type 3 Agreement: Allows “third party” organizations to use indoor and outdoor school facilities after hours to operate programs:

Type 4 Agreement: Allows reciprocal access to district and municipal facilities: