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District Virtual Options for Students

School districts in Florida are required to provide virtual instruction program(s) for their students.

District Virtual Instruction Program (VIP)

Each school district in Florida offers at least one full-time and part-time VIP option for students in grades Kindergarten-12. Districts may contract with an approved virtual provider or run their own district-operated virtual instruction program.

Franchises of FLVS

Many school districts operate their own franchises of Florida Virtual School (FLVS). District administrators operate the franchises and district teachers provide the instruction. FLVS provides professional development and mentoring for district teachers and administrators; they also provide districts with the curriculum and numerous learning resources. List of districts with franchises of FLVS

Virtual Course Offerings

School districts may offer individual online courses for students in grades Kindergarten-12; students can take these courses from other districts. To learn more visit the District Virtual Course Offerings page.

Virtual Charter Schools

Virtual charter schools are authorized to provide full-time and part-time virtual instruction to district students in grades Kindergarten-12. The virtual charter school must contract with an approved provider or with Florida Virtual School for its virtual instruction program. General Information on Virtual Charter Schools