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Gifted Education Programs


Florida defines gifted students as students who have superior intellectual development and are capable of high performance. Each school district serves gifted students through local plans that provide academic and social emotional support. The links below provide more information regarding resources, publications and other supporting information for teachers, administrators, parents, students and community members.


  • For questions and information about gifted programs and support, please visit the Gifted Education Programs page within the Bureau of Standards and Instructional Support or contact 850-245-0830.
  • For state gifted education compliance questions, please visit the Bureau of Exceptional Student Education or contact 850-245-0475.



Florida Gifted Data

Please view Accessing Florida Gifted Data (PDF) to learn how to retrieve gifted information from EduData in the Know Your Schools portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

District Add-on Renewal Information

The Topics, Specific Objectives and Key Questions listed below are aligned with the 2019 Updated 5 Gifted Endorsement Courses that FDLRS recently made available across the state using the Moodle platform. The Topics, Specific Objectives and Key Questions have been updated in 2022. Please contact your local FDLRS Associate Center for additional information re: offering these courses or scheduling them for your districts. You may locate your local center via the website.

ESE Policies & Procedures (SP&P/Gifted)

Section 1003.57(1)(b)1., Florida Statutes (F.S.), requires that district school boards submit to the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) proposed procedures for the provision of special instruction and services for exceptional students once every three years. Gifted sections are found in Part III and Part V, Appendix C.

To view a district’s approved SP&P visit

To view a district's past approved SP&P visit


FINDS Research Model


Florida Department of Education Resources


For state policy and related questions, please contact:

Alicia Foy