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K-12 Student Assessment
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Assessments & Publications Archive

The State of Florida has, for some years, been committed to a system of accountability for the public schools. The Florida Statewide Assessment Program, begun in 1971, has been an important element in this accountability effort. The program was designed to assess students' academic strengths and weaknesses, particularly in basic skills.

This archive contains information from recent and past assessments.

The following links may be helpful in your review:

  • Assessments that are no longer administered:
    • CELLA – Comprehensive English Language Learners Assessment: Students in grades K-12, currently classified as English Language Learners, with a code of “LY” (Bureau of Student Achievement Through Language Acquisition)
    • FCAT Historial: Links to historical scores and documents. Key documentation, technical reports, and special studies are available on the Resources, Special Studies & Presentations page
    • FCAT 2.0: Details and resources for the previous reading, writing, and mathematics assessments
    • FCAT & FCAT 2.0 Writing: Overview of the transitions in the writing program, including prompts and scoring resources
    • FLKRS: From 2017–2021, the Florida Kindergarten Readiness Screener (FLKRS) was administered to all public school kindergarten students within the first 30 days of each school year to assess school readiness.
    • FSA: From 2015–2021, students in grades 3–10 English Language Arts (ELA) and grades 3–8 Mathematics courses participating the Florida Standards Assessments (FSA). Students enrolled in applicable courses participated in the FSA Algebra 1 end-of-course (EOC) and the FSA Geometry EOC.
  • Previous Assessments: Summaries for some of the previous assessments (e.g., CLAST, CPT, HSCT)
  • History of the Statewide Assessment Program: Assessment chronology between 1968 and 2001 and some of the key cases and challenges to the program
  • Archived Publications: Key documents by school year and technical documentation for special studies