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FCAT Handbook

The Florida Department of Education produced the FCAT Handbook––A Resource for Educators to provide detailed information about the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) in a single publication. Different facets of the test are explored including the history of the FCAT, test content, test format, test development and construction, test administration, scoring and reporting, and resources. The primary audience is Florida public school educators. Others who may be interested are Florida legislators, psychometricians, assessment professionals, parents, and the general public.

The FCAT Handbook focuses on the role of Florida teachers and administrators in every aspect of the FCAT including determining how the Sunshine State Standards should be assessed, reviewing test questions, determining how written response questions should be scored, interpreting test scores for parents/students, and providing input on aspects of the test administration process. The publication spotlights representative Florida educators and other citizens who have served on FCAT committees. It also provides a glossary of assessment terms and information about other Florida Department of Education resources available in print and online.

Note: The following files are in PDF format.

Complete Handbook (4 MB)

Limitations on Use

The availability of the FCAT Handbook––A Resource for Educators does not extend to and specifically excludes any use for commercial purposes. All reproductions of this publication, or parts of this publication, must include the Florida Department of Education's copyright statement found on page 2 of the FCAT Handbook.