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Funding & Financial Reporting
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Charter School Revenue Estimate Worksheet Instructions

If you have difficulty accessing the files below, and need this information, please contact the Office of Funding and Financial Reporting, at 850-245-0405.













Every effort has been made to ensure that these sheets are correct and pull in the correct district-appropriate data. You may use the most recent FEFP calculation to check items such as DCD, ESE Guaranteed Allocation, SAI, Safe Schools, and other allocations to see that your sheet is working properly.

This sheet calculates state and local funds from the Florida Education Finance Program generated by the FTE entered. It does not take into account the deduction of any administrative fees or “services provided” and does not include “start-up” or capital outlay funds. Items such as transportation are noted but left blank since eligibility can not be determined from the information provided on this sheet. This excel sheet is designed to assist you in estimating your state and local revenue and to promote a dialogue between charter schools and districts regarding funding.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Funding and Financial Reporting if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement regarding this FEFP Revenue Estimate Worksheet at 850-245-0405 or via email at:

This sheet will be updated when new data is available. Please note the school year and FEFP calculation reference in the heading.

For information on charter school start-up funds, access the Office of School Choice webpage.

For information on Charter School Capital Outlay funds, access the Fixed Capital Outlay webpage.