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Title I, Part C Data

Title I, Part C – Migrant Education Program

The Title I, Part C program utilizes data submitted during Survey 5.

Survey 5 Purpose:

Title I, Part C program administrators use survey 5 data to review and verify end-of-the-year data submitted by district Management Information Systems (MIS) staff to the Federal/State Compensatory Project Evaluation and Student Demographic Information reporting formats of the Automated Student Information Database System. Migrant Status Term (PDF), Federal/State Project Type (PDF), Federal/State Model (PDF), Migrant Priority for Services (PDF), Migrant Referred Services (PDF), and Continuation of Services (PDF) are the key data elements utilized to create Title I, Part C survey 5 reports.

Survey 5 Timeline:

  • The Due Date is the date established during the state processing period for district MIS staff to transmit the district's initial files to be included in the processing cycle.
  • State Processing period is when district MIS staff transmit initial files (before due date) and batch files that make corrections and edits to the data. Initial files are processed at 8 AM each day, and batch files are processed at 4 PM each day. Reports used for the Title I, Part C data quality are run each weekend to produce the weekly reports for district program administrators. The weekly reports reflective of any changes made during the prior week are analyzed (by the Bureau of Federal Educational Programs) and distributed to district program administrators until the Final Update/Amendment Date, October 31st. At that time, the system closes, and all data are considered final, and no additional changes may be made.

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Survey 5 Report Description:

There is currently one report created by the PK-12 Education Information Services (EIS) office from survey 5 data submissions for distribution to the Title I, Part C program administrators.

  • GQUV F71269 – Migrant Record Counts Report provides district-level counts for Migrant student record counts of services received.

Data Verification Process

District federal program administrators must coordinate with district MIS staff to verify these data early in the data submission process. Doing so allows time for the resubmission and review of any changes made and time to make any additional adjustments that may be needed. Although district MIS staff is responsible for submitting data to the Department, district program administrators should reach a consensus for those submissions.

File review of the file should ensure that the counts reflect student record counts from the previous school year and validate that all of your eligible students were accounted for.

Program Implementation

The GQUV F71269 – Migrant Record Counts Report provides end of the school year Migrant program student counts that may be used as a source of data for program evaluation. These data are also used for federal reporting requirements to the United States Department of Education (USED) for the Consolidated State Performance Report (CSPR). In addition, the final report generated is used for Title I, Part C allocations

How Errors in Reporting Impact Survey 5 Reports

District Title I, Part C program administrators should familiarize themselves with reporting requirements and data elements and coordinate with district MIS staff to ensure that students are accounted for under the correct codes. In particular, the federal/state project type.This data element indicates the source of the allocated funds used to support the program's services provided to the student during the project year. Improper submission or omission of this data element will result in inaccurate or missing student counts. District MIS staff should provide guidance for data preparation and submission time frames, submit data to the Department, regulate processes for reporting data from district charter school(s) to the Department, and oversee/coordinate processes for data quality assurance and edit error resolution.