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Safe Schools

Behavioral Threat Assessment

Section 1001.212(12), Florida Statutes

By August 1, 2019, develop a standardized, statewide behavioral threat assessment instrument for use by all public schools, including charter schools, which addresses early identification, evaluation, early intervention, and student support.

(a) The standardized, statewide behavioral threat assessment instrument must include, but need not be limited to, components and forms that address:

1. An assessment of the threat, which includes an assessment of the student, family, and school and social dynamics.

2. An evaluation to determine if the threat is transient or substantive.

3. The response to a substantive threat, which includes the school response and the role of law enforcement agencies.

4. The response to a serious substantive threat, including mental health and law enforcement referrals.

5. Ongoing monitoring to assess implementation of safety strategies.

6. Training for members of threat assessment teams established under s. 1006.07(7) and school administrators regarding the use of the instrument.

Model Threat Assessment Policies

Model Behavioral Threat Assessment Policies and Best Practices for K-12 Schools (PDF)

Behavioral Threat Assessment Instrument

Memo to Superintendents on the Statewide Behavioral Threat Assessment Instrument (PDF)

Florida Standardized Statewide Behavioral Threat Assessment Instrument (Word)

Behavioral Threat Assessment Instrument FAQ (PDF)