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Certificate Pathways & Routes

Teaching For The Career Changer Or College Graduate Of A Non-education Program

Do you want to become a teacher?

Florida needs excellent, quality educators in its classrooms. If you hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited or approved institution and are seriously considering the teaching profession as a first career or a career change, but you aren't sure that teaching is right for you, the following websites have resources to assist you in making this most important decision.

What do you want to teach?

If you've made the decision to teach, you will need to decide the subject that you want to teach and begin the process by applying for a Florida Temporary Certificate in that subject. The Bureau of Educator Certification will only evaluate your eligibility in the subject/s you request on your application form.

Need help choosing your certification/teaching subject? The information below can help you make that decision.

  • List of certification subjects (Click on a subject to review its requirements).
  • Subject Area Examination information. For most subjects requiring only a bachelor's degree major, a passing score on the appropriate Subject Area Examination will qualify you for a Temporary Certificate in that subject.
  • Florida school district certification staff. Each Florida school district has trained certification specialists in their personnel office. If you are seeking employment with a Florida school district, certification staff can assist you with employment and certification information.

Begin the Process

When you have decided which subject you want to teach, begin the "Steps to Certification" by clicking on the link below. You will apply for a Florida Temporary Certificate in the subject/s you have chosen.