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Professional Development

Clinical Education Training

"Clinical education" refers to programs that provide developing professionals with practical and skills-oriented instruction under the supervision of a skilled practitioner. Pursuant to section 1004.04, Florida Statutes (F.S.), clinical education training is required for personnel in postsecondary teacher preparation programs who instruct or supervise field experience courses or internships, as well as all school district and instructional personnel who supervise or direct teacher preparation students during field experience courses or internships.

Training for Teachers, Professors, and Facilitators

For individuals in need of clinical education training in order to supervise teacher candidates, mentor beginning teachers, or facilitate trainings, please contact your school district’s professional learning office or institution’s postsecondary teacher preparation office for further assistance. A list of the current school district professional learning directors can be found on our website at

Training for Program Developers

For individuals charged with developing the clinical education training program for their organization, the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) offers the Clinical Education Program Developer Academy (CEPDA) to meet the needs of local educational agencies and institutions of higher education.

CEPDA Overview

The academy is structured to provide a model framework to individuals charged with developing the clinical education training program for their organization and is offered in-person as a three-day workshop, with the third day occurring a few weeks after the initial two days. During the academy, participants have the opportunity to build content knowledge in four essential skills of clinical educators, practice and receive feedback on active learning strategies, and receive support for the development or revision of their organization’s clinical education training program to incorporate the four skills.

Desired Outcomes

During the course of the academy, participants will engage in a community of practice with other clinical education training developers who are committed to the following:

  • Deepening their knowledge in four essential skills of clinical educators
  • Designing or revising their clinical educator programs
  • Practicing providing and receiving feedback on adult learning program design
  • Reflecting on how they evaluate the impact of their program
  • Fostering partnerships with other districts and institutions

Essential Skills

The content of the academy is designed to build participants’ knowledge in the following four essential skills of clinical educators:

  1. Applying the research around mindset to their work with developing educators
  2. Conducting content planning conferences
  3. Being expert observers and diagnosticians of teaching and learning
  4. Providing evidence-based, non-evaluative feedback

Office Contacts

Should you have additional questions regarding clinical education or need further assistance, please reach out to the Bureau of Educator Recruitment, Development and Retention at or 850-245-0435.