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Released Tests
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How To Use

How to Use Released Tests

A “released” test is one …

  • previously taken by students,
  • no longer being used, and
  • only includes scored questions.

The released materials include …

  1. the test questions
  2. the test answers, including the information in the box below, and
    • the Sunshine State Standards (SSS) tested and specific content of questions
    • the content difficulty of each question (low, moderate, high)
    • the percent of students answering a question correctly and incorrectly
    • an example of the top score for written answers

Parents and teachers SHOULD use the released tests to …

  • examine examples of FCAT passages and questions and
  • experience taking the FCAT as it was administered previously.

Parents and teachers should NOT use the released tests to ...

  • review test content, since these released tests are based on the SSS and is no longer relevant after 2010.
  • drill students on specific questions for the next year, since test questions will be different, or
  • identify all of the content that might be on future tests. Other tests will use different passages and assess different skills. For example:
    • A question on the mathematics test assesses the volume of a cylinder; however, future tests could assess volume of different shapes or a cylinder with different dimensions.
    • Instruction on volume using only cylinders would be inappropriate.