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Registered Apprenticeship Programs
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Instructor Training

Online Course Instructions

As a result, of revisions to both federal and Florida code, every apprenticeship program instructor must“. . . Have training in teaching techniques and adult learning styles, which may occur before or after the apprenticeship instructor has started to provide the related technical instruction.” Some program sponsors already provide such training to their instructors and should be prepared to provide documentation to verify the training. However, many sponsors do not have the resources to conduct this training in house or to send instructors to courses at an educational institution. In recognition of this issue, the Department has partnered with the Florida Association for Career and Technical Educators to provide such training for apprenticeship instructors online and free of charge.

The course is approximately six hours in length. Apprenticeship instructors may proceed through the course at their own pace and are allowed up to one month to complete. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be provided a certificate of completion. The certificate should be maintained in the program sponsor files. During on site Quality Assessments these documents will be checked by Department staff to assure that the program sponsor is meeting its mandated responsibilities.


The Adult Learning Style for Apprenticeship On-Line Course is now available. The registration form (PDF) includes information on how to sign-up for the course.