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K-12 Student Assessment
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Florida Standards Alternate Assessment

All Florida students participate in the state’s assessment and accountability system. The Florida Standards Alternate Assessment (FSAA) is designed for students whose participation in the general statewide assessment program (Florida Standards Assessments, Statewide Science Assessment, Next Generation Sunshine State Standards End-of-Course Assessments) is not appropriate, even with accommodations. The FSAA is based on the Florida Standards Access Points (FS-APs) for English language arts and mathematics, and on the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards Access Points (NGSSS-APs) for science and social studies. Access Points are academic expectations written specifically for students with significant cognitive disabilities. They reflect the essence or core intent of the standards that apply to all students in the same grade, but at reduced levels of complexity.

The FSAA program includes two components: the FSAA—Performance Task (FSAA—PT) and FSAA—Datafolio, which form a continuum of assessment to meet the needs of Florida’s students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. The FSAA—PT is designed to assess students at three levels of complexity and results are reported through achievement levels. The FSAA—Datafolio is designed to address the needs of a small population of students who typically do not have a formal mode of communication and may be working at pre-academic levels. Regardless of the component with which a student is assessed, it is expected that only students with the most significant cognitive disabilities who are eligible under IDEA will participate in the FSAA program.

Guidelines for Participation


Florida Statutes, State Laws, and Federal Regulations

State and District Contacts


FSAA Reports, Scores, and Publications

Online FSAA Resource and Training Portal (FSAA)

The FSAA Portal contains the most recent information and resources available for Florida educators. The Portal is arranged with differentiated access for teachers and administrators within Datafolio and Performance Task subpages. The following outlines the information available with direct links when applicable.

FSAA—Performance Task: Teacher

FSAA—Performance Task: AAC/District Trainer

  • DEI for FSAA—Performance Task
  • DEI for FSAA—Performance Task User Guide
    • Templates, Forms, Checklists, and Activities
    • Online System Training
    • TIDE
    • Reporting

​FSAA—Datafolio: Teacher

  • Datafolio Teacher Resources
  • Training Modules and Tutorials
  • Manuals/Forms
  • Teacher Resource Guide (PDF)
  • Training Materials
  • Data Entry Interface (DEI) for FSAA—Datafolio

FSAA—Datafolio: AAC/SLC

  • Datafolio AAC/SLC Resources
    • Training Tutorials
    • Manuals/Forms
  • Teacher Resource Guide (PDF)
  • DEI for FSAA—Datafolio

FSAA and Florida Alternate Assessment (FAA) Historical Scores & Reports

Florida Standards Alternate Assessment (FSAA)

Florida Alternate Assessment (FAA)