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Reports Coordinator Resources
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College Directory

In order for a college to have full access to all of the tools and resources provided by CCTCMIS, the college must officially name a Reports Coordinator and report this information to CCTCMIS. To designate a new Reports Coordinator, the college President must send an email to the CCTCMIS Bureau Chief naming the new reports coordinator.

The following spreadsheet is the college directory of staff by subject area grouping. This information is maintained by each Reports Coordinator and will be certified once a year by the Reports Coordinator.

College Directory (updated 7/8/2024) (Excel)

Instructions for updating the College Directory:

  1. Download the College Directory spreadsheet from the CCTCMIS website.
  2. Filter the spreadsheet by your college’s name or number.
  3. Make the appropriate updates to the spreadsheet.
    1. When adding duty assignments, only use the following values:
      • President
      • Chief Financial Officer
      • Chief Information Officer
      • Executive Assistant to the President
      • MISATFOR
      • Reports Coordinator
    2. If an individual has multiple duty assignments, there must be a separate, complete spreadsheet row for each duty assignment.
  4. Compose an email summarizing your changes and attach the updated spreadsheet or a screen shot of the worksheet. Your spreadsheet should only contain your college’s directory information.
  5. Send the email to