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FCAT Delays (2010)

The Florida Department of Education experienced delays with our contractor, NCS Pearson, Inc., in generating the 2010 FCAT results. All of the student results were distributed to school districts by Monday, June 28. As of July 6, school districts began receiving copies of the individual student reports for distribution to students and parents. NCS Pearson, Inc., has committed to reimburse school districts for any expenses incurred related to the mailing of these individual student reports to each student's parent or guardian.

Additionally, upon the release of the 2010 FCAT results, several school districts requested further evaluation, specifically as it relates to the learning gains of the 25 percent lowest performing students throughout the state. At the request of Florida’s school district superintendents, two independent auditors have completed reviews of the 2010 FCAT administration and results. Their findings indicating the 2010 FCAT administration and scores are valid are now available within the Official Findings section of the Independent Review of the 2010 FCAT Results page.

Scoring the FCAT

The Department has worked with an independent third party provider to ensure the 2010 scores of this year’s FCAT results are reliable and accurate. To learn more about the processes used by the Department and our assessment contractor to verify FCAT scores, please review the links below.

To learn more about the Buros Center for Testing, please visit

Do You Have FCAT Questions?

In recognition of the challenges the delays present and the desire to ensure effective communications, the Department has developed a series of frequently asked questions and responses which can be viewed by visiting the links below. In addition, the Department has set up an e-mail address for members of the public to ask their questions pertaining to 2010 FCAT results. 

FCAT Contract Resources *

* Due to the size of the files of the vendor responses to the Department’s Request for Proposals posting of these files has been delayed. Please contact the Department to review these documents.

Additional FCAT Resources

Beginning with the 2010-2011 school year, the statewide assessment program will begin transitioning to assessing student understanding of the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards through the implementation of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test® 2.0 (FCAT 2.0) and Florida End-of-Course (EOC) Assessments. Selected grades and subjects will continue to participate in FCAT assessments until the final transition is complete. The proposed schedule for this transition is posted at (PDF, 1MB). To learn more about these assessments and review corresponding resources for each one, visit the links below.